Tri-County Fair            July 11, 12, 13, 14,   2019
Participant Rules



The Board of Directors has adopted certain rules and regulations that will govern the fair. All exhibitors agree to be governed by these rules.

The Fair Board will take precautions for the safekeeping of exhibits, but the Association will not be responsible for any damage that may occur.

All those who show livestock should have their animals trained to lead and handle for judging. The cow/calf pairs may be judged in their pens and do not need to be halter broke.

All livestock and horse exhibitors are welcome. Pre-registration is requested, although not required for the Friday horse show, Saturday small animal show and Sunday livestock show.

Contact Crystal Schaunaman, Extension Agent, (701) 288-5180, or e-mail for an entry form or click on the links in the specific sections below.

Regulations of the North Dakota Livestock Sanitary Board covering the admission of stock for exhibiting purposes will govern in all cases.

Exhibitors must provide their own feed, hay, and straw.

Exhibitors not following specific arrival and leave times will forfeit prize money.

All awards will be deemed final, unless fraud can be proven to the Fair Board.

No premium will be awarded to an unworthy exhibit even though it may be the only one entered in the class. An inferior exhibit in absence of competition will be placed according to its merit.

Fair directors will make any changes or additions to these rules and regulations. 

July 14 - 8 a.m.

Entries are due 10 days prior to the fair. For entry forms contact Crystal Schaunaman, 701-288-5180 or email - or download and print form here. 
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Open to anyone; including any 4-H member, FFA member, Jr. Breed Assoc. or Jr. Point Show member who has not reached his/her 21st birthday by show day. Swine, sheep, goats, dairy and beef must be checked in and penned by 7:00 p.m., Saturday. Market animals will be weighed between 8 and 9:00 p.m.  The swine show starts at 8 a.m. Sunday, followed by sheep, goats, kiddie show, dairy, and beef. The round robin will be held after all species with the champion showmanship winners from each species invited to participate.  The small animal entries and judging will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday. 

Click here for more detailed information Open_Lvst_Invite__Info_on_Letterhead_2019_for_website.pdf
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Fitting and Showmanship – All Species

All exhibitors may enter the showmanship competition.  Exhibitors must show their own animals in showmanship and the animal also must be shown in another class.
Showmanship will be broken into two age groups: Junior (7-13 yrs) & Senior (13-21 yrs).  Two participants from each age group will be selected for the round-robin contest.


1. An exhibitor is limited to six animals and two entries per lot.

2. Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected.

3. Market beef will be shown on the basis of weight.

4. Heifers will be shown alphabetically by breed.

Division 11: Project: Beef

Breeding Classes

1111 Junior heifer calf, born 2019

1112 Winter heifer calf, born in November or December 2018

1113 Fall heifer calf, born in September or October 2018

1114 Late summer yearling heifer, born in July or August 2018

1115 Early summer yearling heifer, born in May or June 2018

1116 Spring yearling heifer, born in March or April 2018

1117 Junior yearling heifer, born in January or February 2018

1118 Senior yearling heifer/2-year-old without calf, born in 2017

1120 Spring bull calf or steer, born in 2019

1121 Spring steer calf, born in 2019

1131 Cow/calf pair (cow any age, calf must be born in 2019)

Market Classes

1151 Market beef heifer

1152 Market beef steer


1. An exhibitor is limited to six animals and two entries per lot.

2. Champion and Reserve Champion female will be selected.

LOT-Dairy Cattle

Breeding Classes
1211 Spring heifer calf, born March 2019 or later

1212 Fall/winter heifer calf, born September 2018 through February 2019

1214 Summer yearling heifer, born June through August 2018

1215 Spring yearling heifer, born March through May 2018

1216 Fall/winter yearling heifer, born September 2017 through February 2018

1218 Two-year-old, born September 2016 through August 2017

1219 Two-year-old in milk, born September 2016 through August 2017

1220 Lactating cows more than 3 years old, born before August 1, 2016

1221 Dry cows more than 3 years old, born before August 1, 2016


1. A member is limited to six animals and two entries per lot.

2. Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected.

3. Market goats will be shown on the basis of weight classification.

Division 13: Goats

Class (Other Goat)

1310 Goat not considered meat or dairy (pygmy, hair, etc.)

Class (Meat Goats)

1311 Doe, born on or after March 1, 2019

1312 Doe, born January through February 2019

1313 Doe, born August through December 2018

1314 Yearling doe, born August 2017 through July 2018

1315 Two-year-old doe

1316 Doe more than 2 years old

1317 Buck, born on or after March 1, 2019

1318 Buck, born January through February 2019

1319 Buck, born August through December 2018

Class (Market Goats, all breeds and types)

1350 Market doe, any breed or crossbred born on or after Dec. 1, 2018

1351 Market wether, any breed or crossbred born on or after Dec. 1, 2018

Class (Dairy Goats)

1331 Doe, born on or after March 1, 2019

1332 Doe, born January through February 2019

1333 Doe, born August through December 2018

1334 Yearling doe born August 2017 through July 2018

1335 Milker, under 2 years old

1336 Milker, 2 years old

1337 Milker, 3 and 4 years old

1338 Milker, 5 years and older

1339 Dry doe more than 2 years old

1340 Buck, born on or after August 1, 2018


1. Each member is limited to six animals and two entries per lot.

2. Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected.

3. Market lambs will be shown on the basis of weight classification. 


Division 18: Project: Sheep

Sheep Breeding

1811 Spring ewe lamb, born January 2019 or later

1812 Fall ewe lamb, born September through December 2018

1813 Yearling ewe, born September 2017 through August 2018

1821 Spring ram lamb, born January 2019 or later

1822 Fall ram lamb, born September through December 2018

1823 Yearling ram, born September 2017 through August 2018

Market Sheep

1851 Market ewe lamb

1852 Wether lamb


1. An exhibitor is limited to six animals and two entries per lot.

2. Champion and Reserve Champion will be selected.

3. Market swine will be shown on the basis of weight classification.

Division 19: Project: Swine

Swine Breeding

1911 Registered, breeding gilt, born January 2019 or later  

1912 Registered, breeding gilt, born 
July through December 2018

1913 Registered, breeding gilt, born January through June 2018

1914 Crossbred breeding gilt, maximum weight 385 pounds 

1921 Boar, born January 2019 or later

Market Swine

1956 Market gilt

1957 Market barrow

1958 Registered market barrow



There will be separate divisions for the commercial cow/calf producer and the seed stock producer. The premiums that will be paid are: 1st-$40, 2nd-$30, 3rd-$20, 4th-$15, 5th-$10. They can be purebred or commercial, don't need to be groomed or halter broke, and may be shown in their pens, which will be inside the livestock barn.

The cow/calf pairs must be brought in by 7:00 p.m., Saturday for exhibit on Sunday. They have to stay on exhibit until 3 p.m. Sunday. You all have that good cow with an exceptional calf at side. Bring them to the fair and show them off!

Call or e-mail Crystal Schaunaman, Extension Agent, at (701) 288-5180 or 10 days prior to the fair if you plan on bringing a cow/calf pair. If you don't notify us, a pen will not be set up. 


Saturday, July 13 @ 2:00 p.m. in the Livestock barn

1. An exhibitor may exhibit once in each lot with a maximum of 10 entries.
2. Exhibitors must be present during judging. Animals will be brought to the           table for show.  Exceptions may be made by the judge or show                           superintendent.    
3. Champion and Reserve Champions will be selected.
4. Classes will be the same as listed in the current ND State Fair 4-H book.  
5.  All small animals must be healthy. No certificate required. All entries are            subject to inspection by the Fair and are to be free of parasites and                    disease.  Unhealthy animals will be removed. 
If you are planning on exhibiting birds in North Dakota, you have one of             three choices:

·         Become a National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) flock  OR

·         Test exhibition birds within 90 days of the exhibition  OR

·         Purchase exhibition birds from NPIP sources (flock, hatchery or retail location selling from an NPIP-approved source)


Complete a Poultry Exhibition Statement of Origin form SFN 60329 (2-2013), including required signatures.

This form must accompany the birds to exhibits/shows. The form can be found on the ND Department of Agriculture’s website:

Have the birds banded prior to exhibition. Banding can be as simple as a safely applied zip-tie.

 **Please note new waiver for exhibition effective June 18, 2019 which is subject to change. P-T_test_waiver_2019.pdf

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Exhibitors are encouraged to practice biosecurity. For more information visit:

Click here to download and print entry form.2019_Small_animal_show_reg.pdf
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The McIntosh County 4-H Animal Show will be held Friday, July 12. This show is for McIntosh County 4-Hers only.  The judging will start at 11:00 a.m. with the small animals followed by swine, sheep, goats, dairy, and beef. The classes will be the same as the current year's ND State Fair 4-H book. 

Horse entry will be Friday, July 12, from 8:00 - 8:30 a.m. with judging to start at 9:00 a.m.

This show is open to anyone in the surrounding states and is a state qualifying 4-H show. 

Open to any 4-H or FFA member who is carrying a horse project.

Click on this link to see more information. 2019_horse_exhibitor_letter.pdf
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Click on these documents for information on safeguarding your horse from EHV.  Horse_2018_Biosecurity_Template_for_Events_ND_4-H_Final.pdf
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 **Note that each event will also have an Open Class which is open to any age.  You must choose whether to compete in Open Class OR  4-H.**


Western Events

1401       Showmanship at halter, 8 through 11 years

1402       Showmanship at halter, 12 through 14 years

1403       Showmanship at halter, 15 through 18 years
1411       Western horsemanship, 8 through 11 years

1412       Western horsemanship, 12 through 14 years

1413       Western horsemanship, 15 through 18 years

1416       Western pleasure, 8 through 11 years

1417       Western pleasure, 12 through 14 years

1418       Western pleasure, 15 through 18 years

1421       Trail, 8 through 11 years

1422       Trail, 12 through 14 years

1423       Trail, 15 through 18 years

1431       Ranch riding, 8 through 11 years

1432       Ranch riding, 12 through 14 years

1433       Ranch riding, 15 through 18 years

1441       Reining, 8 through 11 years

1442       Reining, 12 through 14 years

1443       Reining, 15 through 18 years

Timed Events

1451       Pole bending, 8 through 11 years

1452       Pole bending, 12 through 14 years

1453       Pole bending, 15 through 18 years

1456       Keyhole race, 8 through 11 years

1457       Keyhole race, 12 through 14 years

1458       Keyhole race, 15 through 18 years

1461       Barrel racing, 8 through 11 years

1462       Barrel racing, 12 through 14 years

1463       Barrel racing, 15 through 18 years

English Events

1471       Hunt seat equitation, 8 through 11 years

1472       Hunt seat equitation, 12 through 14 years

1473       Hunt seat equitation, 15 through 18 years

1491       Hunter under saddle, 8 through 11 years

1492       Hunter under saddle, 12 through 14 years

1493       Hunter under saddle, 15 through 18 years


Open breed classes will consist of three age divisions in each breed shown. Classes will consist of geldings, mares and stallions. Horses are allowed to leave after the show and retain their premiums.

801      Under 1 year old

802       Yearlings

803       2 or more years

804       Reining

805       Trail

806       Showmanship at Halter

807       Western Horsemanship

808       Western Pleasure

809       Ranch horse pleasure


PREMIUM LIST: Subject to change if sponsor dollars are not adequate

Youth Livestock-Breeding Classes

Swine: Blue-$8, Red-$6, White-$4

Sheep: Blue-$8, Red-$6, White-$4

Goats: Blue-$8, Red-$6, White-$4

Dairy: Blue-$15, Red-$10, White-$5

Beef: Blue-$15, Red-$10, White-$5

Dairy & Beef Calves: Blue-$8, Red-$6, White-$4

Youth Livestock-Market Classes

Steers: Blue-$20, Red-$15, White-$10 
Lamb, Swine & Goat: Blue-$8, Red-$6 White-$4


Champion Market beef-$500      R. Champion Market Beef-$250

Champion Beef Heifer-$250     R. Champion Beef Heifer-$150

Champion Dairy-$150              R. Champion Dairy-$75

Champion Market Lamb-$150      R. Champion Market Lamb-$75

Champion Ewe-$75                  R. Champion Ewe-$45

Champion Ram-$75                 R. Champion Ram-$45

Champion Market Swine-$150     R. Champion Market Swine-$75

Champion Gilt-$75                   R. Champion Gilt-$45

Champion Meat Goat Doe-$75    R. Champion Meat Goat Doe-$45

Champion Meat Goat Buck-$75       R. Champion Meat Goat Buck-$45

Champion Market Goat-$100 R. Champion Market Goat-$50

Champion Dairy Goat Female-$75    R. Champion Dairy Goat Female-$45

Champion Dairy Goat Buck-$75       R. Champion Dairy Goat Buck-$45

Poultry, Rabbits and Pets

Blue-$2.00, Red-$1.50, White-$1.00

4-H/FFA Horses

McIntosh County 4-H members

Blue-$10, Red-$8, White-$6

Other 4-H members

Blue-$5, Red-$4, White-$3

Open Class Horses

4 or more in class: 1st--$10, 2nd--$8, 3rd--$6, 4th--$4

3 in class: 1st--$8, 2nd--$6, $3rd--$4

2 in class: 1st--$6, 2nd--$4 



All exhibits must stay in place until 4 p.m., Sunday, July 14. No one item may be exhibited in both 4-H and open class. However, one person may exhibit a separate item in each division. 

If you would like to save time, please print and complete this entry form prior to the fair open_show_entry_form06182018.pdf
 24.6 KB



49   Threshed grain-wheat, barley, oats, durum, flax-one quart.

50   Corn-12 ears or six stalks.

51   Sorghum-bundle of five.

52   Grasses and legumes, bundle of 3 inches in diameter.

53   Sunflowers-bundles of 3 stalks with wheat heads.



54   Metal work.

55   Woodwork.

56   Welding.

57   Miscellaneous.


Julie Spitzer (701) 321-2435

The time to enter open class exhibits is 9 a.m. to 12:20 p.m. on Friday, July 12. Judging will be at 1 p.m. on July 12.

All exhibit items must be grown, canned or made in the years 2018 or 2019 and be the work of the exhibitor.

CASH PRIZES: All eligible exhibit items will receive a ribbon and a cash prize: $5 for purple ribbons, $3 for blue, $2 for red and $1 for white.

Remember, the contest is open class, so anyone can enter anything. All are welcome.

Exhibits must be approved regulation jars, such as Ball or Kerr. All jars should be thoroughly clean on the outside to be in display condition. Jams and jellies need sealed lids or a good wax seal. Include method and length of processing on all canned goods.

If you would like to save time, please print and complete this entry form prior to the fair open_show_entry_form06182018.pdf
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Lot 59-Pint or quart of canned fruit

Lot 60-Pint or quart of canned vegetable

Lot 61-Jams and jellies

Lot 62-Meats

Lot 63-Pickles and relish

Lot 64-Miscellaneous


Please Note! New rules

Lot 67-Three beans, green (calys attached)

Lot 68-Three beans, yellow (calys attached)

Lot 69-One beet (top one inch long)

Lot 70-One broccoli (minimum head diameter: three inches)

Lot 71-One cabbage (show with 1-2 green wrapper leaves)

Lot 72-One carrot (uniform type, one inch top)

Lot 73-One cauliflower (trim leaves flush with curd)

Lot 74-Three corn, sweet (show ears with husk on)

Lot 75-Three cucumbers, pickling (show with short stem)

Lot 76-One cucumber, slicing (not more than nine inches long)

Lot 77-One eggplant

Lot 78-Three Kohlrabi (remove root and leaf, stalks two to three inches long)

Lot 79-One onion, green table (maximum bulb diameter: 3/4- inch, tops: six                   inches long)

Lot 80-One onion, white, mature (shown with outer scales on, tops one inch                  long)

Lot 81-One onion, yellow, mature (shown with outer scales on, tops one inch                 long)

Lot 82-One onion, red, mature (shown with outer scales on, tops one inch                     long)

Lot 83-Three peas (uniform pods, calys attached

Lot 84-One pepper, green (uniform shape and size)

Lot 85-One pepper, red (uniform shape and size)

Lot 86-One potato, red (uniform tubers)

Lot 87-One potato, white (uniform tubers)

Lot 88-Two radishes, red (show with one inch tops)

Lot 89-Two radishes, white (show with one inch tops)

Lot 90-One rutabaga (one inch tops)

Lot 91-One squash, summer (not over eight inches long)

Lot 92-One Swiss chard (remove roots from plant)

Lot 93-Two tomatoes, green (uniform fruits)

Lot 94-Two tomatoes, ripe (uniform fruits)

Lot 95-One turnip (show with one inch top)

Lot 96-Dill (three seed heads)

Lot 97-Celery (one stalk)

Lot 98-One melon

Lot 99-Three lettuce plants, with roots washed

Lot 100-One head lettuce

Lot 101-Parsnips (three roots)

Lot 102-Rhubarb (three stalks)

Lot 103-Three spinach plants

Lot 104-One winter squash

Lot 105-Three cherry tomatoes

Lot 106-Any other vegetable


Lot 110-Apples (three fruit)

Lot 111-Cherries (three fruit)

Lot 112-Crabapples (three fruit)

Lot 113-Currants (one pint)

Lot 114-Gooseberries (one pint)

Lot 115-Plums (three fruit)

Lot 116-Raspberries (one pint)

Lot 117-Strawberries (one pint)

Lot 118-Juneberries (one pint)

Lot 119-Chokecherries (one pint) 


Lot 125-Potted plant, blossoming

Lot 126-Potted plant, foliage species

Lot 127-Mixed bouquet

Lot 128-Single stalk

Lot 129-Floral arrangement

Lot 130-Silk flower arrangement

Lot 131-Dry flower arrangement

Lot 132-Miscellaneous 


No Box Mixes 
Please Bring Recipe

Lot 135-One of the following: bread, cake, pie, kuchen, etc.

Lot 136-Four per plate of roll or cream puffs, etc.

Lot 137-Four each of cookies, doughnuts, bars, etc.


Lot 138-Four muffins (sweetening 100 percent honey)

Lot 139-Four cookies (at least 50 percent honey sweetening)

Lot 140-Cakes (sweetening at least 50 percent honey)

Lot 141-Yeast breads (sweetening 100 percent honey)

Lot 142-Quick breads (sweetening 100 percent honey)


(Wall hangings must be ready to hang)

Lot 143-Painting and etching

Lot 144-Quilting

Lot 145-Sewing (household accessories)

Lot 146-Ceramics

Lot 147-Decoupage 

Lot 148-Leather work

Lot 149-Beading and string work

Lot 150-Miscellaneous 


Lot 151-Blouses and tops-shirts

Lot 152-Dresses

Lot 153-Suits (men or women)

Lot 154-Pants (men or women)

Lot 155-Uniforms

Lot 156-Coats (men or women)

Lot 157-Children's clothing

Lot 158-Miscellaneous


Lot 160-Afghan

Lot 161-Wearable garments

Lot 162-Decorative household accessories

Lot 163-Miscellaneous


Lot 170-Afghan

Lot 171-Wearable garments

Lot 172-Decorative household accessories

Lot 173-Miscellaneous


Lot 180-Crewel

Lot 181-Candle wicking

Lot 182-Cross stitch

Lot 183-Hardanger

Lot 184-Needle point

Lot 185-Miscellaneous

Lot 200-Miscellaneous items, such as eggs-one dozen 


Open Lvst Invite Info on Letterhead 2019 for website.pdf
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