Tri-County Fair            July 11, 12, 13, 14,   2019

Tri-County Speedway is a sanctioned Wissota track with a computerized lap counting system, using transponders on each car.  In addition we are Inex sanctioned for Legends,.  Classes include Wissota Streets,  Hobbys,   Mods & Legends.       See our summer schedule page for a list of all our summer events.

 Tri-County Speedway now requires all Legend, Hobby and Street drivers to have raceceivers in order to compete.

For more information contact:

Eric Piatz     701-321-0002       

Registration begins 3 hrs before the race


2018 race schedule;   Races begin at 7:30 pm except on Sept 7- 7:00 pm & 
                                   Sept 8 @  5 pm


Thursday May 10:                 Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, 
                                                 and Legends,


Thursday May 17:                 Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, 
                                                   & Legends


Thursday May 31:                 Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods,  and Legends,


Thursday June 7:                 Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, and Legends,

Thursday June 21:                 Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods,  and Legends,


Thursday July 12:                    Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, LIghtning Sprints
                                                   and Legends,


Friday July 13:                        Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, LIghtning  Sprints
                                                   and Legends

Saturday July 14:                   Enduro  Race  1:30  150 laps or 1.5hr.  ?? $ prize based on 20 
                                                  cars                                          TRAILER RACE TENTATIVE

                                                                        SAUERKRAUT 500 WEEKEND

Friday Sept. 7:                       Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, A-Mods and Legends,         


Sat. Sept 8:                            Bombers, Hobby Stocks, Streets, B-Mods, A-Mods and Legends,


 Thank you to all our great sponsors!! 





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