Tri-County Fair            July 11, 12, 13, 14,   2019

Derby Rules

Derby Rules

·         No suicide Lincolns, no imperials, or no imperial subs.

·         All carpet,cloth,plastic,glass,mirrors,and other such trim must be removed

·         Batteries must be inside the car and secured & covered

·         Engine and transmission coolers allowed

·         Barrels allowed (must have vertical bar to support barrel) if running a radiator must be in stock location

·         Dash bar and bar behind seat allowed (4 inch maximum)

·         No ¾ ton rear ends (must be 5 lug type) rear end maybe welded

·         Rear ends maybe chained or wired leafs maybe clamped may eliminate shackle & build 5”x5” box to hold leaf springs to (maybe welded or bolted to them)

·         Control arms may be changed (no reinforcing)

·         Any car bumper may be used shock bumper may be put on any car bracket maybe welded to the frame bumper shocks maybe drilled compressed and welded

·         Engine mounts maybe homemade and welded in but may not protect any engine components (no added metal to frames)

·         Ready rod maximum 1 inch may be run thru trunk and hood thru frame (6 in front 4in back)

·         May run skins on tires valve stem protectors allowed

·         Trunk and doors may be welded soiled or chained hoods maybe welded solid if welded solid must have 2 foot by 2 foot hole minimum

·         Metal straps from the cars body to the front and rear bumper are allowed (no wider than 4 inch by ¼ inch thick 2 per bumper

·         No welding on frame be hide firewall may weld seams from firewall forward

·         Must have seatbelt and helmet brakes must work upon entering arena

·         Must be 18 years old or have parent’s or guardian’s consent

·         There will be no drinking alcoholic beverages by drivers or pit crews in pits until after the derby


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