Tri-County Fair            July 11, 12, 13, 14,   2019


2019 Tri-County Fair Open/ND Jr. Point Show Champion and Reserve Winners      

Champion Pet: Audrey Bader (mini pony); Reserve Pet: Samantha Lawler

Grand Pet Showmanship: Javen Entzi; Reserve Pet Showmanship: Samantha Lawler

Champion Poultry: Emelia Lehr; Reserve Poultry: Katelyn Engelhart

Grand Poultry Showmanship: Emelia Lehr; Reserve Poultry Showmanship: Katelyn Engelhart

Champion Rabbit: Hailey Metzger; Reserve Rabbit: Katelyn Engelhart

Grand Rabbit Showmanship: Hailey Metzger; Reserve Rabbit Showmanship: Katelyn Engelhart

Champion Breeding Gilt: Drew Nitschke (Grade); Reserve Champion Breeding Gilt: Addie Schnabel (York)

Champion Registered Barrow: Addie Schnabel (Duroc)  

Champion Market Hog: Zachary Lahlum (barrow); Reserve Champion Market Hog: Olivia Nitschke (gilt)

Sr. Swine Showmanship: Grand-Olivia Nitschke; Reserve-Addie Schnabel            

Jr. Swine Showmanship: Grand-Drew Nitschke; Reserve-Cutler Schaunaman

Champion Ewe: Bradyn Lachenmeier (commercial); Reserve Champion Ewe: Mollie Robbins (Hampshire)

Champion Ram-  Addie Robbins (Hampshire); Reserve Champion Ram: Mollie Robbins (Hampshire)

Champion Market Lamb: Isabel Schmidt (wether); Reserve Champion Market Lamb: Bradyn Lachenmeier (ewe)

Sr. Sheep Showmanship: Grand-Bradyn Lachenmeier; Reserve-Isabel Schmidt  

Jr. Sheep Showmanship: Grand-Addie Robbins; Reserve-Aubree Lachenmeier

Champion Meat Goat Doe: Dylan Lachenmeier (comm.); Reserve Meat Goat Doe: Mollie Robbins (Boer)

Champion Meat Goat Buck: Mollie Robbins (Boer)

Champion Market Goat: Madison Leatherman (wether); Reserve Market Goat: Dylan Lachenmeier (wether)

Champion Dairy Goat Female: Kennadee Peterson (Nubian); Reserve Dairy Goat Female; Megan Monson (crossbred)

Champion Dairy Goat Buck: Macy Monson

Sr. Goat Showmanship: Grand-Mollie Robbins; Reserve-Madison Leatherman  

Jr. Goat Showmanship: Grand-Macy Monson; Reserve-Dylan Lachenmeier

Champion Dairy: Macy Monson; Reserve Champion Dairy: Bradyn Lachenmeier

Sr. Dairy Showmanship: Grand-Bradyn Lachenmeier

Jr. Dairy Showmanship: Grand-Macy Monson

Champion Beef Female- Blake Wollmuth (Hereford); Reserve Beef Female: Bradyn Lachenmeier (commercial)

Champion Cow/Calf Pair: Samantha Lawler; Reserve Cow/Calf Pair: Caylee Walth

Champion Bull/Steer Calf: Samantha Lawler; Reserve Bull/Steer Calf: Kaitlyn Rath

Champion Market Beef- Bryce Beitelspacher; Reserve Champion Market Beef: Cora Schaunaman

Sr. Beef Showmanship: Grand-Bradyn Lachenmeier; Reserve-Addie Schnabel   

Jr. Beef Showmanship: Grand-Kadence Reiser; Reserve-Cutler Schaunaman

Other Round Robin Participants: Seniors: Cora Schaunaman, Madison Leatherman; Juniors: Cutler Schaunaman, Addie Robbins, Kadence Reiser

Sr. Round Robin: Grand-Addie Schnabel; Reserve-Bradyn Lachenmeier

Jr. Round Robin: Grand-Macy Monson; Reserve-Dylan Lachenmeier

For more photos go to:  in the Open Class photo album

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